Yupi!!!! Hoy me entere que gane 2 premios (es la primera vez en toda mi vida que me gano ALGO haci que esto me puso muy contenta).........
Yay!!! today I found out I won 2 prizes ( this is the first time I win ANYTHING in my whole life , so is very exciting)....

Este fue el primero, participe en la semana de celebracion del cumpleanios del blog "Feeling Scrappy"
This is the first one from "Feeling Scrappy" blog, I participated in their birthday celebration party.

Y el segundo fue este lindo set que me lo gane por participar en el Easter Blog Candy que hizo Lynnette del blog "Winding Refle
ctions of a Desperate Housewife" .
And the second win is this cute set , I enter in a chance to win the Easter Blog Candy that Lynnette from "Winding Reflections of a Desperate Housewife" blog was giving away.

Bueno y ademas estoy contenta por que al fin tubimos un clima espectacular por aca y hasta la playita pudimos ir, ESTA semana me llego una noticia sorprendente pero muy agradable que ya les he de contar de que se trata ....... :) And also I very happy because this last weekend we had an amazing weather and we even went to the beach PLUS this week I got very surprising but good news, I'll tell you later about that.......:)

Mi nene bello con mucho calor pero disfrutando de la playa

My cutie pie , he's hot but happy to be at the beach


Lynnette said...

Hi Silvana! Congrats on winning two prizes today. That's wonderful for you! You can email me your mailing info. to lynnette-davis@hotmail.com

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